In the world of commercial door frames, people have a few choices for crafting the perfect entryway systems. Doorwayz offers the best commercial door systems available today. With over 50 years of experience in the construction industry, we have the know-how to help frame your next project. There is a variety of entryway systems available to provide the best framing solutions for a number of different tasks. Knowing when to utilize each type is important for saving contractors time, money, and headaches. No matter the situation, Doorwayz can find the perfect product!


There are three main types of door frames. Based on your needs, each variety can bring a number of benefits and practical applications.

  • Knockdown frames. This frame comes in three pieces and is meant to be installed after the drywall has been installed. KD frames come in three separate pieces, including the hinge jamb, strike jamb, and the head. This system is assembled on-site and installed appropriately after the stud wall has been crafted and the drywall has been placed. The main benefit here is that the gypsum board walls can go up without the frames on site.
  • Welded frames. This style is a much more common option in the framing world. Welded frames are assembled at the factory, with the parts and jambs welded together before shipping. The popularity of this choice for commercial door frames is due to a number of factors, including:
    • Versatility (exterior, interior, cast-in-place, masonry)
    • Durability (higher strength rating)
    • Safety (better fire rating)
  • Wrap-around frames. As the name describes, wrap-around frames are made to fit over the wall itself. These frames are made to be installed after the walls are placed with the intention of saving time and the need for operational repairs. Doorwayz supplies two top-notch companies in this field, each with their own unique benefits:
  • EZYJamb®. This entryway system is fastened to the drywall with finishing compound to hide lines and provide a contemporary, seamless look. The unique focus of this frame is its construction to create pocket doors, or sliding doors that disappear upon being opened. EZYJamb uses reinforced edges to reduce the damage door jambs take over time.
  • RediFrame®. This commercial door frame is made to sleeve the wall, becoming a part of the structure itself. Although not as seamless as EZYJamb, this product offers versatility and durability. You can customize your project with a wide variety of RediFrame trims. Looking for a more natural option? We can install a wood trim with your RediFrame as well. As an efficient alternative to welded and knock-down frames, RediFrame has been gaining in popularity due to its time and money-saving nature.

Doorwayz has the products and know-how to help you find the best entryway systems for your next project. We also offer door frame molding and door lock hardware to fulfill your entryway needs. Contact us today to see how we can help to open the door to a successful project!