As an aspiring entrepreneur, chances are that you have researched the best ways to benefit your operations. Whether it’s through synergistic interactions or operational streamlining, there are many ways you can improve the business. If your commercial entry doors are looking worn-down and haggardly, replacing them with a modern option may prove very beneficial. Doorwayz Unlimited is your source for information and service when it comes to commercial door installations in Illinois. For more than a decade, our team of dedicated professionals has provided the best doorway solutions to Chicago and beyond. From steel front doors to interior solid core doors for your business, we cover it all! Our last blog looked at a couple of key benefits that you can expect when upgrading your exterior entryways. Today, we’ll look at a few more aspects that can boost your business and enhance your building’s capabilities.


While many civilians view a door that does not function properly as inconvenient, we take all of the safety aspects into account. One major benefit you can expect when installing a new door is optimal reliability. This can be vital for operations in emergency situations such as a fire. Upgrading to a modern entryway system will improve the flowability of foot traffic as well as the door’s protective abilities against a fire. In any scenario, people may need to quickly enter or leave the building in case of an emergency, and an entryway system that does not function properly can result in disaster.

On a daily basis, your entry doors can present a number of risks to employees and customers if they are in a dilapidated state. Rusty, clunky doors can reduce multiple hazards to the user. From cuts and abrasions to sprains and falls, minor inconveniences can result in qualifiable injury. Doors that do not operate properly can cause you headaches for reasons that you never considered possible.


One of the biggest benefits of installing an upgraded entryway system is the increase of security. You strive to keep your employees, patrons, and property safe, and selecting a proper commercial security door can do much to improve the building. Statistics show that burglars will enter the premises through the front door. Your primary entry point provides a sure access regardless of whether or not it is locked. Thieves will often try the handle, and if all signs point to locked, many people will resort to kicking the door in. Using quality hardware with a fortified commercial metal door is an excellent deterrent for keeping criminal enterprises away from your valuable business. The last thing any owner wants to find in the morning is missing or damaged property, and the right entryway system can be very beneficial for keeping everything safe and sound.

Doorwayz Unlimited offers top-notch commercial door installation assistance for Illinois businesses. Our experienced team works to provide the best entryway door solutions for any and all of your unique needs. From jambs to mouldings, we have your doorway covered. Upgrading your old, unsecured doors can be beneficial in numerous ways. Contact us today to learn more or to request a quote!