Thank you Doorwayz Unlimited!

I want to extend my thanks to you for your customer service. We are in the service industry ourselves and that is what separates the average from the good. I hope you do all our work as long as we have it…Thank you

Oscar Garcia- G2 Builders, LLC


We were first attracted to DOORWAYZ UNLIMITED for our commercial door and hardware needs as they were very attentive to our project requirements and went the extra mile to provide us with a prompt site visit, take-off, schedule of doors and hardware, and the ability to quickly deliver product. As the project progressed and the required scope of work soon exceeded what was specified on the drawing schedules, they quickly adapted to our client’s needs. We will certainly go back to DOORWAYZ UNLIMITED for future commercial project needs.

Nathan Ries, President, Unified Construction Group


The key factor that separates the good from the poor in your field is attention to detail. If orders aren’t correct or complete, it costs the installer money. I’ve been very pleased with the packages you supplied…..and I hope to do more with you in the future.

Dan Petrick V.P. – Hagge Construction


I have been in commercial construction for over 22 years and running my own business for over 14 of those years. In that time I have dealt with many, many door, hardware and trim suppliers. None of the companies that we have worked with in the past can compare to DOORWAYZ UNLIMITED.

The competitive pricing obviously speaks for itself, but the level of service – which is impossible to compare when looking at a proposal – is what really sets DOORWAYZ UNLIMITED, Ltd and Ken Diener apart. I get the same exceptionally high level of effort and attention from Ken whether he is working on a bid package for a new construction from the ground up or whether he is working on putting together a proposal for a single door replacement or if he is looking for a solution to a problem that was created by a less experienced supplier.

When we ask DOORWAYZ UNLIMITED to look at a job for us – big or small – we know that when we get the proposal back from them, not only will they have the project bid as specified, we will also have their experience based feedback on the project. DOORWAYZ UNLIMITED takes the time to let us know where they see potential for problems – which allows us an opportunity to go back to the Owner with questions, they take the time to offer more cost effective alternates – which allows us to offer the same money saving alternates to the Owner and they take the time to make sure that the proposal is complete – which allows us to rest assured that our proposal is complete. All of this extra work that DOORWAYZ UNLIMITED does for us makes us look good.

Peter Wisniewski- TEMCo Contracting L.L.C.