Across this great country, many individuals are faced with the task of finding and installing the correct commercial door systems for their building. One major issue we’ve noticed that occurs all too often is entities confusing their terms. Many businesses will buy fire-doors that are unable to meet the demands of fire-exit doors while others will order costly fire-exit doors when they are simply needing interior fire-rated doors. In order to find the perfect door, these organizations will need to know the key differences and benefits of each door type. Doorwayz Unlimited is your source for the best entryway systems in Illinois. Our team of experienced professionals offers the best locking solutions for all businesses, from hospitals to thrift shops. Today, we’ll look at the key differences between fire doors and fire-exit doors and how this information can help you to make a better decision for your business. From doors mantel to locksets, Doorwayz Unlimited is here to help you every step of the way!


The fire doors in your building are designed with the sole intention of providing proper protection to inhabitants in an escape route during a fire. Fire doors work to contain a flame, minimizing its potential for spreading and causing more damage. As such, your typical fire door will be for internal use. Fire doors utilize a fire-proof material that rests within the steel plates, providing better protection against heat and flame. These doors also include seals, windows, and hardware that all need to work in accordance with code requirements to ensure optimal safety in the event of an emergency. These entryway systems work to passively protect against smoke and fire by compartmentalizing rooms, maximizing the time frame to allow people to escape. Regardless of the fire door’s status, it must be able to close in the event of a fire. Otherwise, this fancy door is useless!


Once your building’s patrons have made it safely through the structure, they will undoubtedly pass through a fire-exit door. These doors are often on the exterior perimeter of the building, requiring security measures to be enforced as well. Our last blog focused on this access control door and its many requirements to ensure user safety. Fire-exit doors should allow unrestricted access for people trying to escape the building while also stopping unauthorized parties from entering the building. Typically, door lock hardware is used that allows for a timely exit, such as a push-bar. The added security of fire-exit doors is typically reserved for security needs, and therefore should not be purchased for interior applications that do not require access restrictions.


Fire doors of any variety will come with a set of requirements to ensure that all safety measures are in place. Ignoring any of these regulations can lead to disaster in emergency situations. Leaving your fire doors propped open, for example, will offer zero fire resistance. Placing a carpet underneath the door can also prove negative, as the cloth will catch on fire and burn through into the other side. Every door will hold its certification markings on the door leaves or the fire-resistant commercial door frame. It’s vital to never cover these tags up and to check them for any and all questions you have about the quality and integrity of your entryway system.

Finding the perfect door for your business can be a challenge. From the size and price to its fire-resistance capabilities, each door needs to be the perfect fit to ensure an optimal outcome. If you are looking for top-notch entry systems in Illinois, Doorwayz Unlimited can help! With more than 50 years of combined experience, our team of dedicated staff members is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a quote on your next project!